Design Cost Data ("DCD") Magazine is an industry leading resource on preliminary building costs and historical construction costs for real projects across the country. The magazine's March/April 2017 issue featured St. Pius X High School's Center for the Sciences, designed by Turner Duran Architects, both on the cover and as a case study. 

Set in an urban context, St. Pius X High School serves a diverse population which draws students from across Houston. As part of a multi-year campaign, the campus master plan's third phase required a structure that would strengthen the curricular "STEM" offerings at the secondary school. As a benchmark for future development, a state-of-the-art scientific learning environment respecting the "mid-century" aesthetic of the existing campus was created. 

Anchoring the west end of the campus, the building incorporates labs, classrooms, a media center and offices. The design anticipates trends with science labs, featuring adaptable spaces that can evolve to meet future needs and that provide a modern, healthy environment with education spaces that spread natural daylight and promote collaboration. Classroom layouts and neutral interior colors focus the eye outside, making the campus exterior a prominent "live picture."

As the design of science lab buildings undergo continual evolution, Turner Duran Architects learned through research and experience what works and why, responding to emerging technologies and variations found in an academic culture. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the St. Pius X High School Sciences Center and before you go make sure to check out the project page for more images of the new facility!